“Food is our common ground, a universal experience."


James Beard


Chaia Cucina Catering & Consulting offers a unique approach to building and sharing food through events and restaurant consulting.


Chaia Cucina, a unique catering company serving the Salt Lake Valley and Park City areas, brings fine-dining restaurant-quality food to your table with a menu intimately suited to your tastes and style to elevate your special moment.


With 25+ years in the industry, including 15 focused on nuanced restaurant fine-dining, Chaia Cucina consults with entrepreneurs, owners, and managers to hone in on a thriving business model for your project.


A Lifegiving Kitchen

The name Chaia Cucina is linguistically rooted in both Hebrew and Italian translating literally and figuratively as “Lifegiving Kitchen.” In that, I see the distillation of everything I love doing: cooking, designing, providing, entertaining, learning, creating, and of course, eating.

What Others Say

Eating should be joyful, and we are always happy when people love what we do! Here are some highlights from satisfied clients.

Let’s Make Something Delicious

Chaia Cucina’s catering and consulting services allow you to make the most of the power of food to connect, celebrate, nourish, and make joy.

Serving Salt Lake City
and Surrounding Areas

Adam Kreisel, Chef Consultant