Team Building Sushi Class & Luncheon

Thumbtack Executive Team Building
Friday, March 2, 2018
Sushi Class and Luncheon for 25 people

The Palate of Flavors


  • hothouse cucumber, avocado, julienne carrot, gobo (pickled burdock root), radish sprouts, watermelon radish, pickled daikon radish, cilantro, Meyer lemon, mango, pea shoots, blackberries, roasted shiitakes and bunshimeji mushrooms, scallions, tataki-marinated jackfruit, asparagus, red bell pepper


  • ahi tuna, hamachi (baby skipjack), unagi (BBQ eel), New Zealand king salmon, tofu (fresh – 5-spice rubbed), tako (octopus), hotate-gai (scallops), saku (Pacific escolar), wild Louisiana white prawns


  • umeboshi paste (pickled Japanese plum), wasabi (fresh and prepared), masago (capelin roe), green and black tobiko (flying fish roe), cream cheese, edamame, crispy shallots, pickled ginger, pepitas (toasted baby pumpkin seeds), toasted chopped peanuts, furikake (special rice seasonings), homemade miso soup (konbu, bonito, shiro miso paste), wakame “gari” (seaweed salad)


  • spicy aioli, bergamot aioli, sweet chile vinaigrette, homemade chile oil, horseradish cream, spiced honey gastrique, homemade seasoned rice vinegar, pomegranate molasses, black truffle oil, black vinegar, unagi glaze (sweet soy reduction), straight soy sauce, homemade ponzu

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